Speedway - en spännande faktabok för barn och ungdom av Magnus Nilsson och Per Gustavsson
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»A wonderful book on speedway«

Speedway, an exciting children's book

The definite children's book on speedway is SwedishFull speed ahead from the first page! This is a thrilling children's book on speedway - or dirt track. In Sweden, speedway is a major popular sport, drawing whole families to the tracks. It is surrounded by thrills, speed and mystery.

Read all about the rules, the function of the speedway motorcycle, what happens around the track and about the great stars of the sport.

The book is written by Magnus Nilsson and illustrated by Per Gustavsson.

For ages 9 and up. 48 pages, format is 200 x 254 mm.

Illustration by Per Gustavsson from the book SpeedwayCurrently, this book is only available in Swedish, but it could easily be adapted to conditions in United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark, Australia, New Zeeland, United States, Finland, or any other nation with an interest in speedway (or dirt track).

We are looking for publishers outside of Sweden. If interested in foreign rights, please contact Magnus Nilsson at speedway@portabla.se.

Vrooooom (bild ur Speedway av Magnus Nilsson och Per Gustavsson)
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